iDEAL MSC18KX-LTVAK Light Truck Adapter

Use theĀ iDEAL MSC18KX-LTVAK to lift light trucks and vehicles from the frame for wheels free service.



The MSC-18K-X Light Truck Vehicle Adapter Kit allows for frame engaging wheels free end lifting for many full size pick up trucks. The MSC18KX-TLVAK comes with heavy duty swivel pads with 2 3/4″ of adjustment. The MSC18KX-LTVAK is designed to be used in pairs only with the MSC-18K-X-236 Two Column configuration.


Capacity 20,000 lbs. (10,000 lbs. per Adapter)
Min/Max Pad Width 12″ – 48″
Min/Max Pad Heights 13″ – 15″
Overall Length 121″
Overall Width 52″
Overall Width 24″
Pad to Column 23″

Works with MSC18K-X